SmartLung Infant
SmartLung Infant
SmartLung Infant
SmartLung Infant
SmartLung Infant
SmartLung Infant
SmartLung Infant
SmartLung Infant

SmartLung Infant

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$605.00 USD

SmartLung Infant simulates the lungs of young children while offering the same performance as our other SmartLung products.

  • 500-mL bag
  • Applicable volume from 0 to 200 mL
  • The lung parameters resistance, compliance and leakage can be set to different levels
  • Extremely handy and user friendly
  • Top price to performance ratio
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SmartLung Infant 0.5L — The perfect simulation of infant lungs

SmartLung Infant 0.5L offers the same performance as large, expensive test lungs. It is extremely simple to use and so compact that it can be connected directly to the ventilator tubing system. The SmartLung Infant 0.5L is unbeatable in terms of price/performance ratio. Resistance (airway resistance), lung compliance and leakage can be adjusted to perfectly simulate infant lungs.

Key benefits:

• Adjustable resistance from 5 to 200 mbar/L/s
• Adjustable compliance from 1 to 5 mL/mbar @ VT=100 ml
• Great performance for patient simulation in ventilator trainings
• 500 mL bag (applicable volume from 0 to 200 mL)

Scope of delivery:

SmartLung Infant 0.5L, user manual, high quality carrying bag. EAN 7640214642387

SmartLung Infant 0.5L is the cleverest and cheapest way to realistically simulate infant lungs according to IEC 60601-2-12 and IEC 60601-2-13 as well as EN 794-3.

IMT Analytics test lungs are a simple and cost-efficient solution to safely verify ventilators and anesthetic devices for functionality and precision.

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