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Revolutionizing Biomedical Testing Technology

High-Precision Gas Flow Analyzers, Flowmeters, and Test Lungs

At IMT Analytics, we are dedicated to enhancing patient safety through our state-of-the-art gas flow measurement and analysis devices. Our tools are the backbone of quality assurance for medical technicians and engineers worldwide.

User-Friendly and Efficient Testing Solutions

We dedicate ourselves to continuous innovation, setting new benchmarks for user-friendliness. Our devices, such as CITREX H5 and FlowAnalyser PRO, are equipped with integrated test sequences, providing guided and semi-automatic testing solutions. Our aim is to make testing procedures as efficient and user-friendly as possible, while ensuring maximum precision and reliability.

Certified for Quality and Precision

EasyCal offers a convenient and simple calibration service for your biomedical testing devices, including CITREX and FlowAnalyser. Our service includes swift maintenance and calibration of pressure and gas flow measuring devices from IMT Analytics.

We ensure high-precision performance and offer comprehensive device testing, including the replacement of individual device parts if necessary. Additionally, we provide complete calibration of all sensors, installation of the latest firmware, and a pick-up and return service with Economy or Express options.

Optional incoming inspection with a check of measurement accuracy and a detailed calibration certificate is also available.

EasyCal is offered for individual calibrations as well as a convenient three-year subscription.

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