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  • Press Release: IMT Analytics AG invests in IoT project - 2020


Press Release: IMT Analytics AG invests in IoT project - 2020

IMT Analytics AG

IMT Analytics AG invests in IoT project

IMT Analytics AG reports pleasing figures also for the second quarter. The company will invest in the future in the business field of IoT (Internet of Things), additionally to the further development of the ventilator testers. This project will improve patient therapies.

In the second quarter, sales rose to USD 4.4 million. The sales of test equipment and the number of measuring instrument calibrations according to the ISO 17025 standard increased as well.

Ongoing investments in the development of biomedical testing devices

IMT Analytics invests continuously in the further development of its measuring devices for testing ventilators and anaesthesia machines. The modern device platform enables automatic, regular software updates via a WLAN connection. The user then can upload his measurement data to a dropbox as test reports, which simplifies his work and makes him more efficient and reliable.

Getting started with 'internet of things

IMT Analytics AG also invests in a new business segment and currently develops IoT devices that transmit data from medical devices into a cloud. These are then evaluated and made available to clinical users anonymously. The goal of this technology is to improve the medical care of patients. A first test system will be put into operation in Switzerland in 2020.

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