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IMT Analytics Strengthens Its Position in U.S.

IMT Analytics is expanding its operations into the U.S.


IMT Analytics is a high-tech company founded in 1999 headquartered in Switzerland. It specializes in developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing biomedical testing devices.

“Our high-precision gas flow and pressure measurement instruments are used to evaluate and calibrate a wide variety of medical devices, such as life-supporting mechanical ventilators and anesthesia machines,” IMT Analytics Inc. Managing Director Daniel Benz explains. “In addition, IMT Analytics offers test lungs for cost-effective and safe patient simulation; FlowLab, our easy-to-use comprehensive PC software; and, most recently, flow meters for both industrial and medical flow measurement applications.”

The IMT brand is well known globally for dependable, high-quality products and services.

“We’ve been selling our products through our worldwide network of partners and distributors for over 20 years and in some cases your readers may have used our products that were private labeled for companies like Fluke Biomedical, BC Group International and Rigel Medical,” Benz says.

TechNation recently found out more about IMT Analytics Inc. via a question-and-answer session with Benz.


Q: What are you most excited about right now?

BENZ: We are super excited to announce the opening of our new U.S. sales and service facility in Saint Petersburg, Florida this year! IMT Analytics is expanding its operations into the U.S. with our new entity opening in Q4/2023. We will now be able to support our U.S. distributors and end users even better with locally stocked goods and services including calibrations and repairs.


Q: What are some advantages that your company has over the competition?

BENZ: We are a R&D driven company that is agile and responsive to the needs of our customers. Our full focus is on flow and pressure measurement instruments and with continuous innovation as one of our core values, we are committed to the development of new products and services with an emphasis on offering our customers a better user experience. Good examples of this are integrated apps which are available on our CITREX H5 and FlowAnalyser PRO models. These testing apps offer our users a guided and semi-automated testing solution for a growing set of medical devices. Entire test sequences are displayed with images and texts and measurements are taken automatically. The test results are recorded in a PDF report, that can be signed directly on the screen.


Q: What are some challenges that your company faced last year?

BENZ: As with all other manufacturing companies we struggled with supply chain challenges, and huge demands during the pandemic. We’ve learned from those experiences and in some ways profited from them. As a result, we’ve improved many of our processes and relationships to make our supply chain more robust. We invested heavily in new product development and in improving our existing products and services.


Q: Can you explain IMT Analytics’ core competencies and unique selling points?

BENZ: IMT Analytics was born from the need for better test devices for use in developing ventilators and other medical devices. Our designs are created by people who use them in real world situations and demand a better user experience than they can get from other commercially available products. We have decades of experience in developing medical and biomedical test devices and can draw from our engineering sister company IMT Information Management Technology for additional resources when necessary. This allows us to adapt to user needs promptly and develop new innovative products quickly. Paired with our exceptional customer service, we provide our customers with a unique level of support.


Q: What is on the horizon for the company?

BENZ: We’ll continue to innovate and expand as we have been. We’ve recently launched new products on both ends of our product portfolio and we’re looking for new ways to improve efficiencies and workflows for our customers through collaborations and testing data management.

The FlowAnalyser PRO is our new flagship ventilator and anesthesia testing instrument. It’s a complete redesign of our long-time industry standard, the FlowAnalyser PF-300. We’ve kept the best of the look and feel of the PF-300 series and combined them with the popular user interface of our CITREX H5, then cranked up the capabilities and features to a whole new level.

On the other end of our product line, we have the brand new and easy-to-use FlowMeter series consisting of two models, the F1 and F2, with their exciting new Bluetooth capability and mobile app.


Q: Can you share a company success story with our readers?

BENZ: We recently had a customer who was looking for ways to standardize the testing of his medical devices across his service organization. Thanks to the “test sequence” feature of our FlowLab PC software, we were able to offer him a fully customizable solution to create standardized tests that can now be run by his service engineers with our flow analyzers. This has not only helped him to improve quality, by reducing the risk of human errors, but also to significantly increase testing efficiency, since the software takes measurements automatically. The cherry on top is the software creates a PDF test report they can easily attach to their work orders.


Q: Can you describe your company’s facility?

BENZ: Our headquarters are located in Buchs in Switzerland. It’s where all our products are designed and manufactured. It also hosts our ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory. We also have a Customer Service office in Singapore, giving us a local presence in the Asia Pacific region, allowing us to ideally support these important markets.

Again, we are very excited about our U.S. expansion. Our new sales and service entity is opening in St. Petersburg, Florida later this year. Its opening will allow us to provide enhanced support to our U.S. distributors and end users. It will be equipped with a calibration laboratory offering domestic calibration and repair services for all our products.


Q: Can you tell us about any recent changes to your company, inventory, services, etc.?

BENZ: We recently released a completely new product line with our brand-new FlowMeter models. These easy-to-use, battery-powered, compact and versatile, high-precision flow and pressure measurement devices are used in a wide range of medical and industrial applications. As with all our products, we paid special attention to maximizing the customer experience. That’s why we equipped these mobile devices with built-in batteries for up to 10 hours of independent use, made its user interface highly customizable, and featured it with comprehensive data recording. To further elevate the usability, we equipped them with Bluetooth modules and developed an iOS and Android app that we are offering for free to all FlowMeter users.


Q: What is your company’s mission?

BENZ: At IMT Analytics, our mission is to provide our customers with innovative and reliable solutions for their testing and analysis needs. We strive to continuously improve our products and services to meet the evolving demands of the industry, while maintaining a commitment to exceptional customer service and satisfaction.


Q: Is there anything else you want readers to know about your company?

BENZ: Yes, we would like readers to know that we would love to hear what challenges they are facing in their daily work as biomedical engineers and how we as an innovative and agile company can support them in overcoming those challenges. We are happy to talk about opportunities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us through the contact form on our website. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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