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IMT Analytics – leading Swiss manufacturer - 2020

Testing devices

IMT Analytics  leading Swiss manufacturer
of test lungs and biomedical testing devices for ventilators

Ventilators are used in intensive care units. Mechanical ventilation is a delicate process. Mostly, severely ill people are ventilated. So you have to be sure that a ventilator is working accurately and the air is precisely adjusted to suit the patient. Our testing devices verify this.

We verify the accurate operation of ventilators and anaesthesia machines

Connecting the ventilator to a test lung before using it on a patient verifies the ventilator is operating and aids the operator in making the proper settings.


Leading in test lungs and analyzers for ventilators

Test lungs and ventilator testers are very important. They are the best way to ensure a ventilator works reliably and precisely.

You need to carry out regular checks. Our testing devices are checked and calibrated annually, which guarantees their accurate function.

Standardized apps and test procedures for different ventilators

There are numerous ventilator models in use all over the world. That is why we are developing integrated apps and guided test procedures for our measuring devices. They are designed to ease your daily work as a technician.

Standardized test procedures avoid mistakes, and help you work more efficiently. You can save the test reports or print them out as proof of service.

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