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FlowLab Test Sequences Update

FlowLab V6.3.3

Revolutionize Your Medical Device Testing and Calibration with IMT Analytics' FlowLab software with test sequence.


Test Sequences are not just a tool; they are your gateway to unparalleled control and customization. Imagine tailoring testing or calibration procedures to meet the specific needs of each medical device, all within the user-friendly interface of our upgraded FlowLab V6.3.3 software.


Defined workflows can be created for devices like ventilators, oxygen concentrators, anesthesia machines, and more.  Test sequences automate the test or calibration process by presenting the steps to measure and record parameters in the order they are saved in the sequence.

Steps can include:

  • Setup information or settings instructions for the operator.
  • Analyzer measurements.
  • Data input for observed measurements.
  • Check boxes for interactive tests.
  • Text fields for remarks.
  • Signature fields.

Additionally, steps can include images, graphs, tables, timers, and device settings to guide the operator. The culmination of all the steps in a sequence is a report that records all the results and indicates pass or fail based on the limits specified by the manufacturer.  


The innovation doesn't stop there. Define, save, share, and run your test sequences, throughout your organization to ensure consistent, accurate, objective testing all while generating comprehensive signed test reports in PDF format.


Creating test sequences for different medical devices is a powerful feature that streamlines and improves your workflow. By automating our tasks, test sequences help reduce human error, improve accuracy, and save time.

Here are some examples of how test sequences can be used:

  • A ventilator manufacturer can use FlowLab to create a test sequence that verifies all the functions of a ventilator, such as the correct volumes, pressures, and oxygen concentrations.
  • A hospital can use FlowLab to create a test sequence to verify their anesthesia machines are functioning properly before using them on patients.
  • A medical equipment maintenance company can use FlowLab to create test sequences to verify their clients' medical devices are functioning properly.

FlowLab is a valuable tool for any organization that needs to create, execute, or manage test sequences for medical devices.

Click here to download the FlowLab software

In essence, Test Sequences are your key to sophistication in Biomedical engineering. They empower you to automate complex procedures, eliminate manual uncertainties, and achieve a higher level of precision. Explore the upgraded FlowLab V6.3.3 and its synergy with test sequences. It's not just an evolution; it's a revolution in Biomedical engineering. Elevate your calibration game with test sequences with our advanced FlowLab V6.3.3 software.

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