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FlowAnalyser PRO - Software V4.18

New Software - Difference from software 4.17

New Features


  1. Additional Gas Standards for Ultra-Low Flow measurement
  2. New Apps with test sequences to calibrate ventilators
  3. Data Snapshot to store, edit, view and export data
  4. Additional ventilator parameter: IPAP
  5. Configurable Display Timeout 


1.- The following gas standards are now available for Ultra-Low Flow measurement:

0/1013, 20/981, 15/1013, 25/991, 20/1013, 23/1013,

2.- The FlowAnalyser PRO ventilator tester supports you with apps for testing and calibrating ventilators. Entire test sequences are displayed with images and texts and measured automatically. The test results are recorded in a PDF report that can be signed directly on the screen. Apps are available for the following ventilators:

AirLiquide Monnal T40/T50, AirLiquide Monnal T60,
Vyaire Bellavista 1000/e/neo, Vyaire Avea, Vyaire Vela,
Philips V60, Medtronic PB840

3.- With one click you can store data in the internal memory of the FlowAnalyser PRO. Add additional information to the data snapshot report. The reports can be exported as a CSV or PDF file to a USB stick.

4.- The IPAP (Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure) controls the peak airway pressure during inspiration. This respiratory parameter is used in non-invasive ventilators.

5.- To save battery life, you can now configure different display timeouts. After the set timeout, the display is switched off. You can wake it up at any time by touching the display. Configuration of the screen timeout is in menu Settings -> Device -> Screen Timeout


Installation Instruction
· Download the update file from our website and copy it onto a regular USB stick.
· Switch on the FlowAnalyser PRO and connect the USB stick.
· Go to menu About and select Software Update and follow the instructions.

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