Easycal service


The convenient, simple calibration service.

For the annual calibration of your biomedical testing devices (CITREX and FlowAnalyser).

EasyCal offers swift maintenance and calibration of your pressure and gas flow measuring device from IMT Analytics. The EasyCal process includes various steps through which the high-precision performance of your measuring device can be preserved. This means that with regard to patient health, you can rest assured that the results and the testing devices from IMT Analytics will meet the highest demands when checking devices that generate pressure or flow.

The EasyCal service includes:

  • Global calibration and maintenance service
  • Comprehensive device testing, including replacement of individual device parts if necessary
  • Complete calibration of all sensors
  • Installation of the most up-to-date firmware
  • Pick-up and return service as Economy or Express variants
  • Optional incoming inspection with a check of the measurement accuracy and a detailed calibration certificate

EasyCal is available for individual calibrations and as a three-year subscription for ideal conditions.

EasyCal Analyser calibration

Calibration laboratory accredited according to ISO 17025

Accuracy officially confirmed by the authorities.

The IMT Analytics calibration laboratory, accredited by the Swiss accrediting body SAS according to ISO 17025, is set up specially to calibrate testing devices belonging to the FlowAnalyser and CITREX family. The highly precise measuring devices are ensured by the high quality standards of the laboratory. Thanks to regular use of our EasyCal service, which combines maintenance and calibration, the testing devices provide optimum measuring performance during daily use.