FlowAnalyser PF-300 gas flow analysers

Premium bench-top ventilator tester for engineers and health care professionals.

Test, verify and calibrate any kind of medical device that generates pressure or produces flow such as ventilators, respirators and anaesthesia machines.

The FlowAnalyser measures bi-direction flow, various pressures, temperature, humidity and O2 concentrations. The unique measuring modes for adult, pediatric and high frequency ventilators decreases test duration significantly. It incorporates remote control interface, data storage, internal battery and the high-end PC-based Software tool FlowLab.

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FlowAnalyser PF-301 VAC / PF-302 LOW

Options for specific pressure requirements.

The FlowAnalyser PF-301 VAC measures pressure up to ± 1000mbar. With a special pressure connection, a vacuum measurement is possible simultaneously to flow measurements.

The FlowAnalyser PF-302 LOW is designed for precise measurements. It measures from 0 to 5 mbar with extendend accuracy using a separate pressure connection. Both versions offer the same extensive functions as the PF-300 FlowAnalyser


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FlowAnalyser PF301/302
anesthesia gas analyzer

Anaesthesia gas analyser extension

Expand capabilities of your FlowAnalyser with the optional MultiGasAnalyser OR-703 to measure CO2, N2O, Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Desflurane.

Display, store and trend all parameter directly on the FlowAnalyser and on PC tool FlowLab. Buy one MultGasAnalyser and use it on different FlowAnalysers and CITREX H5.

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EasyCal Calibration Service

The convenient, simple calibration service.

Allow us to calibrate your FlowAnalyser annually and in return you will get back a measuring device that measures with reliable high precision.

EasyCal is an easy-to-use calibration and adjustment service for your gas flow measuring devices from IMT Analytics. Along with checking and calibrating your measuring device, EasyCal also includes the installation of the most up-to-date firmware and replacement of individual parts of the device if necessary.

You can determine the pick-up time on our online platform and automatically generate shipment and customs papers.

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Easycal analyser calibration
flowanalyser flow and volume measurement

Flow and volume measurement

Accuracy of flow with less than 1.75 % deviation of reading. Two channels 0..20 and 0..300 Liter per minute.

Pressure measurement

Various pressure sensors to measure patient, low, high, differential, vacuum and barometric pressure.

pressure measurement
FlowAnalyser PF300

Respiratory parameters for ventilators

FlowAnalyser offers parameters to test any kind of respiratory device including high frequency breath rates up to 1000 bpm or 16.66 Hz.

FlowLab, a powerful software tool

Software package for real-time curves, 100h trending and customized reporting. Fast data acquisition via USB port.

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flowlab software


ATP, STP BTPS, NTPS, 0/1013, 20/981 25/991 and more. 17 gas-standards and 10 gas-types for precise flow and volume measurements.

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medical gas standards
PF-300 RT-200 interface

RT-200 command mode

The RT-200 command mode simulates RT-200 operation while offering a contemporary replacement gas flow analyzer.

Remote control via RS 232 and USB interfaces

Unlock precise control and synchronization with the FlowAnalyser's external interfaces. Featuring RS 232 serial and USB interfaces, along with an "External Trigger" input, you'll have the tools to streamline your testing and data transfer effortlessly.

PF-300 RS232 interface

You want to benefit from the advantages of the FlowAnalyser every day?

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