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The spirit of innovation.

At IMT Analytics AG, we create high-performance, affordable biomedical ventilators and testing devices by developing, manufacturing and distributing top-quality respiratory care medical devices. Combining leading technology with affordable pricing is one of our credos; delivering with precision and speed our highest priority. IMT Analytics AG is dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with our clients as well as our employees. We do this for a good reason; being a valued partner is the best incentive for creating a long-term competitive advantage. We constantly adapt our products, structures and processes to ever-changing conditions. But, our values never change: close collaboration with our customers, continuous innovation, and employees dedicated to the highest level of quality. Development, documentation and production of IMT Analytics AG products is based on the guidelines for CE and FDA concessions.

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IMT Analytics AG

Inspiring trust and confidence.

IMT Analytics AG strongest asset is its team of highly specialized experts. Every IMT Analytics employee is given the scope to develop and exercise individual innovation. Our development team’s passion for advanced medical technologies, their attention to high-quality and their dedication to life-long learning is evident in IMT Analytics AG innovative medical technology solutions. Employing highly qualified personnel leads to high quality products. Our production team is composed of specialists who deliver only the best. Because we produce our respiratory care devices in-house from A to Z, we control the quality level of production. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our success can only be guaranteed through our customers’ and dealers’ success. For this reason, IMT Analytics AG fosters a policy of total customer satisfaction.

Our location is local

Our market global.

IMT Analytics AG is located in the heart of Europe; in eastern Switzerland’s picturesque Rhine Valley. Our headquarters are in the city of Buchs, near the border triangle of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This central location enables us to optimally serve our customers from around the world.


Harri Friberg

Harri Friberg

Chief Executive Officer

Christian Büchel

Christian Büchel

Chief Financial Officer

Jakob Däscher

Jakob Däscher

President of the Board of Directors